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Maggie Sayers

When my family arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1985 we were following our dreams. My husband was returning to beautiful memories and I was ready to immerse myself into the American Dream. We moved to Florida eventually and it was not all that dreamy in the beginning and yet, life today is beyond my wildest expectations.

Germany is my Motherland and my life as an optician started in a family business. They trained me well. My first 6 months in the optical shop were spent in the lab, learning to work with frames, hand edging, filing, polishing, soldering………And then, they let me work on a real person, I was allowed upfront. I was so eager to adjust my first patient’s eyeglasses perfectly that I burnt his ears in the process. Back to the lab for another 3 months. They trained me well.

Many years have passed and I have never burnt another person’s ears. Sometimes we learn best from traumatic experiences.

To become licensed in the State of Florida, my new home, I had to go through another apprenticeship. When I became licensed in 1991 opticians believed that we should have the right to refract. Of course, to expand our scope of practice we had to acquire new competencies. We believed a 100 hour refractometry course and a Master in Ophthalmic Optics would demonstrate an optician’s skills in refraction. Many of us got the education, many of us are refracting. And, we are still fighting the same battle in 2014. Sometimes it feels like we are fighting wind mills. Refraction is clearly linked to the dispensing process and opticians with the appropriate training are clearly qualified to perform refractions. So, I say, let’s do it!!!!

What started as a personal interest in “How do I become the best I can be” led to my second career – Life Coaching. I am a certified Life Coach and had the fortune to become a student of Energy Leadership, the phenomenal explanation of why humans are the way they are. Bruce Schneider put together a brilliant Energy Leadership Development Program and I have tailored this program for the optical industry.

My many years of experience working as an optician combined with my Leadership Training allow me to coach organizations and individuals in the optical industry to achieve their full potential.

Who would have thought that to be possible back in 1985?

The saying goes “If you really want to learn something, teach it.” Each client I work with, each optician I train, heightens my ability to live my passion and my mission.