Optical Retail Success

We are in an era where tech is built into every interaction, allowing people and businesses alike to re-imagine what’s possible.

An incredible opportunity that is also quite scary. Changes are happening, and they are happening fast. The most important skills we can have, as professionals and as humans, are the abilities to keep learning and to adapt. As opticians, we are building on a rich history. We know about light, about optics, about the human eye and the way we see. And we know about human nature. No matter how far technology will take us, humans crave experiences, they desire empathy, they hunger for human touch.

Being confident in your optical knowledge will allow you to find new ways to communicate your expertise to your patients.


Course Menu

  •      Optical Boot Camp

  •      21st Century Optician

  •      Refraction for Opticians

  • Frame Materials

  • How is it made?

  • Getting it right the first time

  • Effective lens ordering

  •      Business Development

  •      Leadership Development

  •      Reduction in Medical Errors